From Claudine:

I am writing this letter to thank your company, Baroque Renovations, Mr. Patrick Azzopardi, for the job well done on finishing the development of our blocks of appartments in Strait Street, Valletta. During the construction project, your company has shown diligence and dedication to finish work in time.

From Victor:
I engaged Patrick and Baroque Renovations in 2007 to undertake a complicated assignment involving a home I had purchased in Valletta, Malta. The assignment was complex for a number of reasons: firstly, it involved the significant floor and wall alterations of the existing space of a very old home; secondly, the project involved adding a two-storey addition to the pre-existing structure; thirdly, this project had to conform to the construction and design requirements as set out by the Malta Planning Authority. (Renovations are complicated at the best of times but a project in Valletta —which has been designated as a World Heritage Site—is no small task; and finally—and possibly most importantly—was that this project was undertaken from a distance as I reside in Canada permanently and was unable to attend to the day-to-day work involved with this project. In fact, I relied on frequent contact with Patrick and put my trust in his ability to deliver on the project.


From Ron and Andrew:
On behalf of Ron and myself, I just wanted to thank you in a formal way for the magnificent job you for the magnificent job you have carried out here at Casa Walsingham.