Planning is the key to successful renovation and we at Baroque Renovations take all the necessary work to do this efficiently and professionally.  Baroque Renovations cater for all your personal needs – whether it’s an old house-of-character in need for restoration or a new apartment which needs a fresh new look. We can transform your shell-form property to a finished product with an impeccable interior design filled with original ideas.  So leave the stress and frustration to us and we will help you to make all your dreams come true! 

Valletta Apartment 2

This apartment has been completely renovated recently. The arpartment is located on the renowned St. Paul street. It is bright airy and located on the firs floor of this residential unit

Valletta Apartment 3

This other apartment has also been completely renovated. It is situated on the second floor of this block of apartments.

Valletta Apartment 4

This highly finished and spacious fully equipped apartment has a roof shared garden terrace with the famous Grand Harbour of Malta view, offering breathtaking views of the busy port and sea beyond.

The Maltese Architecture Explained

Most of these houses are now also being restored or refurbished in a way that the alterations being carried out are compatible with the original plan. I therefore would like to make some references to some of the most common features which gave these houses their true identity as a house of character. So let me go back to my childhood days. And the first thing that comes to memory is the general view from outside, the house façade.


Valletta is the capital of Malta, colloquially known as Il-Belt